The Sunfish. The most popular sailboat in history. Minimalist, modern, simple. A classic, colorful icon enjoyed worldwide.

After more than 60 years, the thrill of Sunfish is still going strong. Its iconic design is part of the evolution of surfing and closely related to contemporary paddle boarding.

Sunfish is one of the world’s best known brands. Unmatched in simplicity, its user-friendly design continues to combine performance and fun. The lightweight dinghy offers six sail color options, can be stored anywhere, and is a snap to car-top.

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Sunfish returns to its boarding roots with a complete range of stand up paddle boards for everyone. Seitech dollies are available for all Sunfish products.

Sunfish: The Most Popular Dinghy. Ever.

Bike to the beach, roll out with your boards and get on the water faster!

Sunfish Air is the go-anywhere inflatable board that is dialed in for an adventure at any moment.

Welcome to the World of Sunfish.

No matter what your skill level, gender, or age, the World of Sunfish has something for you. Sail, paddle, race, relax – It's easier than ever to get out on the water with Sunfish.


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